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If you have an existing website and you want to become immediately visible to your target market, then Google advertising online is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. It’s possible to set up a  Google Ads campaign targeting the exact geographical area which you are servicing and show Ads which specifically target the products and service you wish to promote.

The simplest way to think of a Google AdWords campaign is one or more advertisements which you want Google to show when people in a certain area (or areas) search for particular words. You only pay Google when someone clicks on your Ad. Google determines how often your Ad appears among search results based on several key factors.

What do you need?

Google AdWords Campaign

Promote different products and services in different geographical areas through a highly customised and flexible Google AdWords Campaign. You stay in control by deciding when and where people can see your Ads.

Instant Visibility

Immediately bring your website to the attention of people searching for the products or services you provide. Google AdWords is commonly used as one important part of a broader online marketing strategy.

Track Conversions

Google AdWords can increase the number of daily visitors to your website. The Google Ads interface is able to provide you with valuable insight regarding the behaviour of people who click on your ads by tracking conversions.

What is Google AdWords and How Does it Work?

The more you are willing to pay, the more likely Google will be to give your Ad priority, but there are also other factors which come into play. Following are some of the key factors which influence how often Google will display your ads and their position relative to other ads which are also appearing for the same search term:

  • Keyword Bid – this is the most you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your Ad
  • Daily Budget – this is the most you’re willing to pay in total per day for clicks on your Ad
  • Relevance (the Ad text) – How relevant are the keywords listed in your campaign to the Ads you wish Google to display?
  • Relevance (landing page) – How relevant is the content on your webpage to the text in your Ad?

Already have a website – not getting results

Having the highest Keyword Bid and the highest Daily Budget will not guarantee that your Ads will show. If Google concludes that there is a lack of consistency or relevance between the keywords that you are bidding for, the Ads you wish to display and the webpage which the user will land on after clicking on your Ad, then this will be sufficient reason for Google NOT to display your Ad.

Setting realistic Keyword Bids and having a sufficient Daily Budget, creating highly relevant and engaging Ads and ensuring that the corresponding landing pages of your website are relevant to the content in the ad, (in other words, the user who clicks on your Ad will likely find what they are looking for) will help to maximise the chances of success of your Google AdWords campaign.

What Can a Google AdWords Campaign Do For Your Business?

  • Immediately give your website the attention of people searching for products or services you provide.
  • Increase the number of daily visitors to your website.
  • Promote different products and services in different geographical areas.
  • Track “conversions” from people who click on your Ads.

Limitations and Benefits of AdWords

If you’ve never worked with Google advertising online yourself it can feel slightly overwhelming to get your head around how it all works and, more importantly, how it can help to make your business more successful. One way of looking at it is to think of your website as a physical shop and your Google Ad as a signpost pointing to the door of your shop. Many pedestrians may see the signpost (i.e. get an “impression”) without taking any action, but when someone follows the signpost and walks into your shop, this is equivalent to a “click” on your Google Ad. From here on Google Ads is not able to influence the behaviour of the customer.

Returning to the analogy of the physical shop: if the customer steps into the shop and finds nothing of interest, they may simple walk out again. On the other hand, if he or she sees what they are looking for, they may spend time in the shop, browsing between the different shelves and may even make a purchase.

For your Google AdWords campaign to be successful for your business as a whole, it is essential that the website itself provides real value for the customer. If, after landing on your website, the customer finds that there is nothing that interests them – there is nothing they want to buy and there is no service being offered which is of any interest to them – then even the most well researched and optimised Google AdWords campaign will not be able to help.

In summary, start by making sure that your website contains value for the customer. Once that’s in place, then consider Google AdWords as one of several ways to drive potential customers to your website. This will also contribute to a high conversion rate, which Google notes as a positive signal. This in turn encourages Google to display your Ads more often.

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