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A Professional Website

There are still a good number of profitable businesses out there that continue to succeed without an online presence, but for many of them, their days are numbered. Long established companies with a loyal customer base may not need even a website to convince customers to keep coming back. However if you intend to expand your business further, then a successful online presence in an important asset.

At the very least, a simple but professionally designed website provides a visiting address for new and existing customers, and convenient means for them to contact you or learn more about what your business has to offer. It puts you up alongside and even above your competitors, giving potential customers opportunity to find you and review the excellent product or service which you provide.

What do you need?

Mobile Friendly

We make sure your business website loads seamlessly on computers and mobile devices. A poorly structured website can be difficult or even impossible to rank. We use Google’s own developer testing tool to check that the websites we build are mobile-friendly.

Good Navigation

Easy navigation is a critical part of building a successful business website. We build websites that are quick and easy to travel through, with an intuitive navigation system. A well-built website will generate more traffic and a better user experience.

Optimised for Search Engines

We help to bring visitors to your site by optimising your content for Search Engines. A website is only worth as much as the number of targeted visitors who find it, and SEO helps people find your website.

A Professional Website

In this day and age, practically all businesses benefit from a website. A website is a central marketing tool enabling businesses to connect with consumers all over the world. A website is in many ways similar to a virtual shop front or a virtual office. For many potential customers, the first lasting impression of a business is their initial visit to the company’s website.

As such the branding, layout and content of a website is critical to ensure that the message you wish to convey to a targeted market is brought across as effectively as possible. A website can be an online store, also known as a web shop, or it may serve solely as a source of information and communication, allowing you to communicate with your client base and enabling your customers to reach out and contact you.

What Type of Website Do I Need?

The type of website that you need varies depending on a number of different factors. In its most basic form a website is little more than an online business card containing a small introduction to the business and the necessary contact information. On the other end of the spectrum a website can be a virtual encyclopedia of information which can help customers find you and to help them decide which services are right for them.

Our preferred platform for websites is WordPress. An estimated seventy-five million websites currently exist on this hugely popular platform. WordPress’ popularity can largely be attributed to the flexibility of functionality and design and the ease with which the websites’ structure can be optimised for search engines such as Google.

How Do I Know if my Website is a Good Website?

If you’re wondering whether or not your current website is good enough, here are some questions that you might like to ask:

  • Is the website well designed, attractive to look at and easy to navigate?
  • Does the website load quickly and seamlessly on computers and mobile devices?
  • If a person visits your website for the first time, is it immediately clear who you are,
    what your business does, what areas you service and what you offer?
  • Is it easy for potential customers to contact you via your website?
  • Does the website contain plenty of useful, engaging and relevant content?
  • Is the information factually and grammatically correct?
  • Is the entire website, including its content and images, optimised for search engines?

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